Terms and Conditions

Article 01: All transfers are guaranteed except in the event of major road closure due to bad weather conditions.

Article 02: Eco Shuttle Network offer trip insurance cancellation option. If you subscribe, you become automatically eligible for a refund if you cancel within 48 hours of your booked transport date.

Article 03: It is strictly forbidden to smoke and/or eat on our shuttles (no soft drinks or alcohol).

Article 04: All passengers, children included, must automatically fasten their seatbelts without the driver needing to tell them to.

Article 05: The client must be reachable on his/her mobile phone from the actual arrival time of his/her flight or train.

Article 06: The applicable fare is the one stated at the time of booking.

Article 07: Pick-ups are made at the address given by the client.

Article 08: Each booking has its own, unique reservation number, which will appear on your booking confirmation.

Article 09: A booking made by e-mail is only validated once Eco Shuttle Network has confirmed the booking.

Article 10: Eco Shuttle Network will not be held responsible for any unreported typing errors.

Article 11: Pick-up times are to be respected. In the event of a delay of more than 5 minutes, it is imperative that you contact us.

Article 12: Domestic pets are accepted in cages or hand luggage for small dogs.

Article 13: In exceptional circumstances the schedule might be put back or forward by 15 minutes. In this case, Eco Shuttle Network will notify you by telephone the day before departure.

Article 14: The fare is due in full – and at the very latest – on the first part of a return journey.

Article 15: Travel agencies who have reserved on behalf of their clients are the sole intermediaries between the client travelling and Eco Shuttle Network.

Article 16: The pick-up time is set according to the time quoted by the client. The actual departure time serves as a guide only.

Article 17: Eco Shuttle Network cannot keep abreast of changes to flight schedules. It is imperative for the client to notify Eco Shuttle Network in the event of changes to his/her flight.

Article 18: No refunds will be given in the event of last minute flight changes.

Article 19: We accepts bookings through our website 24 hours prior to the date of transfer. Any bookings made within the 24 hours before travel, should be done by email or live chat.

Article 20: Our drivers reserve the right to refuse any client who, due to unusual behavior, could make the journey unpleasant for the other passengers.

Article 21: Eco Shuttle Network shall not be liable for delays caused by flight cancellation, flight connection, strikes, bad traffic or poor weather conditions.

Article 22: If the client is late at the meeting point on the day of the transfer, the transfer will be cancelled (Eco and Premium) and the client will be invoiced in full.

Article 23: Transfers are carried out in various types of vehicle.

Article 24: The client must respect his/her pick-up time, as well as the details of his/her booking.

Article 25: The premium service is a direct transfer service and not a collective service. 

Article 26: Eco Shuttle Network shall not be held liable for a client missing his/her flight, if the client is late for pick-up and fails to inform Eco Shuttle Network within ten minutes following the delay.

Article 27: In the event of the client arriving late at their destination, Eco Shuttle Network cannot be held responsible, however serious the consequences.

Article 28: On the shuttle service, known as « Eco Shuttle », the client purchases a seat in the vehicle and therefore accepts the notion of collective transport and the benefits of a competitive fare.

Article 29: The eco shuttle must depart at the frequency and scheduled time.

Article 30: For the last daily Eco shuttle from Nice airport, we can only accept flights arriving before 6:55pm, at the very latest.

Article 31: We allow 35 minutes for baggage claims for all flights.

Article 32: In the event of flight delays on the Eco shuttle service, the client will have the possibility of taking the next eco shuttle.

Article 33: In the event of flight delays for the last Eco shuttle at 7.30pm, causing you to miss the eco shuttle, you will be upgraded to our premium transfer service. The additional cost will be payable by cash or credit card on collection.

Article 34: Eco Shuttle Network must be informed at the time of booking of any fragile or bulky luggage.

Article 35: If ESN has not been informed of special luggage requirements and if the shuttle is not able to hold the luggage, the transfer will be considered null and void and invoiced in full.

Article 36: Eco Shuttle Network is in no way responsible for items and/or luggage left in its vehicles.

Article 37: Each traveller must check before leaving the vehicle that he/she has all his/her luggage.

Article 38: Eco Shuttle Network usually accepts one suitcase and one item of hand luggage per person.

Article 39: Cash or credit card payments are exceptionally accepted for bookings made by e-mail or telephone.

Article 40: For security reasons our drivers don’t carry cash. For cash payments the client must pay the driver the exact amount before the transfer.

Article 41: For children under seven years, Eco Shuttle Network provides car seats and booster seats free of charge except in the event of flights delayed by more than one hour.

Article 42: You must inform us at the time of booking of the age of your children as well as any specific personal requirements (car seats, booster seats).

Article 43: In accordance with the law, each shuttle has a transportation warrant giving a precise description of the transfer. No refunds will be given in the event of change of itinerary or decrease the number of passengers.

Article 44: You can consult eco shuttle schedules under your product page on our website.

Article 45: In the event of a dispute, Eco Shuttle Network invites its clients to write to Head Office in order to solve the problem, however big or small.

Article 46: Making a booking or paying the fare necessitates acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale.